Thomas Wightman, Drowning from Obsession

Writing Itself Can Be A Trigger.

Obviously, some of the writing exercises on this site may be more prone to trigger traumatic memories than others.

It’s important, if at all possible, to have a counselor in the group, as the lead of the group– or in the room, or at least on call/available nearby should someone need professional support.

Writers should always have the option not to do a potential “triggering” writing exercise.  So, always have two possible exercises for the writing group that day.  And writers: always have a safe place you can go, in your mind, and in your day-to-day life. And safe people who can nurture you when you are afraid. Below you will find our first exercise, “Sanctuary”—it’s a great place to start for keeping the mental space.

It is also true that writing through the horror, the fear, the rage, can lead to a great sense of peace and power.  Many writers before you have written through this journey, heard their own voices, and come out in a new space of better decisions and more freedom.

We wish you all the things that true writing in community can bring, and that the practice of learning the art and craft of writing can bring:  joy, laughter, grief, anger, an emergence from isolation into activism, strength, literacy, education, self determination, and a deepening good connection to the world and to your lived days, wherever you may find yourself right now.